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What People Are Saying About The Fields of Ukraine
The Fields of Ukraine shows movingly how a Jewish father and his teenage son survived the horrors of the Holocaust by relying on their mutual courage, sacrifice and love.  This book deserves a wide readership.”

Nechama Tec, Ph.D., Holocaust Scholar and Professor Emerita at the University of Connecticut, Author of eight books including DEFIANCE, now a major motion picture. 

“You won’t be able to put down this almost unbelievable story which attests to the strength of the human spirit: ‘To carry on as long as there was a breath of life in us was the secret weapon that kept us alive.'” 

Joan Seliger Sidney, Ph.D., University of Connecticut Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life


“In this moving account, a father and son in Ukraine found inner strength and discovered the goodwill of a few to survive and tell this story and that of the town of Zurawno.”
David Shneer, Ph.D., Director, Program in Jewish Studies, University of Colorado

“Hunted like an animal, living like a human being”

Intermountain Jewish News, Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, 14 May 2009

Color me skeptical. And color me wrong. First, I receive a Holocaust memoir — another one. They come almost a week, it seems. Second, a Holocaust memoir published in Denver? We are not a center of book publishing.

But, as Sam Jonas speaks to me, I keep an open mind, and I’m very glad I did.  Read more of “Hunted Like an Animal”…  

“ATM Veteran Translates Holocaust Story, Promotes Book in U.S.”

ATM Marketplace and Networld Alliance, Tracy Kitten, 18 Aug 2009

The ATM marketplace has changed quite a bit since its boom in the mid-1990s. Market consolidation and, arguably, market saturation have pushed many ATM veterans in non-ATM directions. But only one of them stands out among the crowd — for his pursuit to fulfill a deeper mission that has nothing to do with financial services and a lot to do with personal conviction.  Read more of “ATM Veteran Translates Holocaust Story”… 

“My Grandparents’ Holocaust Story”

By Ralph Seliger, 20 April 2009

To my shock, my long deceased maternal grandparents (victims of the Holocaust), suddenly appeared in the pages of a book I was reading. Not only are they named in the non-fiction narrative, The Fields of Ukraine: A 17-Year-Old’s Survival of Nazi Occupation/The Story of Yosef Laufer, the book also relates what led to their violent end.  Read more of “My Grandparents’ Holocaust Story”…